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Saturday Free Events

Thai Cooking Demos

Learn how to cook famous Thai Food by attending our Thai Cooking Demo Class.

Chinese Class

Learn how to speak Chinese. From Beginer to Business Chinese Speaking.

English Class

Open format English Conversation Class.

Free CoSharing Class

Thai Cooking Demos

Learn from in-house cook on Thai Cooking with fresh ingredients. Also learn new technique on Thai Cooking.

Chinese Conversation Class

Every one can speak Chinese. We offer 2 levels of Chinese Conversation Pratice Class.

From very begginer to intermediate to fluence Chinese Conversation Pratice Class. Join us every Saturday from 9am to 12pm.

English Conversation Class

Pratice make perfect and you have a chance now to pratice your English speaking skills with English native speaking teacher from Canada.

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Free Community Class @ iCove CoLiving

Register your free community class and get immediate start to learn new things.

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Free Community CoSharing Class

We believe in CoSharing Economic

If you are an expert in certain fields and if you believe your skill, knowledge, or experience can help other people by sharing it, we would like to invite you to participate in our Free Community Class Program.

We provide the space and you aharing your knowledge and experience to the people who want to learn more from you. This is how Sharing Econony works at the lower level.

Organic Garden Tour

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